Friday, April 1, 2011

Ideal creed of a party cadre - K Mathew Thomas


I believe: God is love; we’re from it and for it; let HIS name be glorified for ever
I have the character of being dedicated and loyal to my family, my brethren and my party
I live by the word that no one is more honorable and professional than I am.
I am a citizen of a time honored country with time honored traditions which is the essence of my existence.  I am proud to be a member of a people friendly party and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit to my family, the culture of my country regardless of the situation that changes. I will not use this pride and influence to attain personal pleasure, profit or gain of any nature. 
Competence is my watch word.
The basic responsibilities I will always keep foremost in my mind are –
To honor my God
To look after the welfare of my family
To pursue the objectives of my party in serving the people
To accomplish any task I undertake
I strive to remain effective, efficient and competent where possible and proficient in every undertaking.
I am fully aware of my role and responsibilities and I will fulfill responsibilities inherent to that role.
All members of my party are entitled to outstanding leadership and demonstrate our potential in the country.
I know my people and will always place their needs above my own
I will work consistently for the welfare of my brethren and my family and ensure for them a better future.
I will be fair to all God’s creation and will be impartial when imparting justice and help within my means
I will earn the respect and confidence of those with whom I interact irrespective of their station in life.
I will live by divine guidance and the direction of my elders in the society I live in, 
Never will I compromise the integrity, moral courage, heritage and the honor of those who are closer to me who are talented, intelligent and rich in association with culture and traditions.
I assume myself as a humble leader; will face fearful situations and live for ever as a gentleman maintaining calmness and firmness.
I will never lose faith in God and the humanity I am destined to serve and will uphold what is right and divine regardless of consequences.
I will perform all the tasks assigned to me by my leaders and maintain the highest standard of performance. 
I respect and value the trust placed on my loyalty and I will never betray it.  I will remain optimistic and enthusiastic about the future of my country. I will take the initiative to secure that future with God’s grace.
 I will walk proudly holding moral principles and integrity. I will never act hastily and come to conclusions 
I am equally proud of my Indian citizenship 
and my Tamilnadu lineage
K. Mathew Thomas

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