Sunday, June 14, 2009


1.The fraudulent accounting practices of Tamilnadu Housing Board. I exercised my Right to Information and saved over Rs.20000/- which I would have lost to it otherwise.

2. The ever suave Mr. A. M. Swaminathan, I A S of Tamilnadu Civil Service. When I first interacted with him he was the Secretary, Metropolitan Development Corporation. When I first met him at the Secretariat, he was Secretary, Planning. Later to the best of my information he acted as Public Secretary and Revenue Secretary. Never in my life I had met such a personality of humble disposition.

3. The Commercial Tax Officer who rudely said that his blood boiled at my sight and planned to instill fear in me to fix his bribe enhanced in advance, was shunted out to another area within days on my representation of his unbecoming behaviour to the Commissioner, Commercial Tax Department, Tamilnadu

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